Interview with Andrew Laganà

How does it feel like be an expatriate in the U.S.A.? 

Laganà: I moved here quite long ago, I think is almost 7 years now. The thing I remember the most about the first period is how welcoming the American people are. When I first came I did not know what to expect but I couldn't imagine a nicer environment, never felt like a foreigner here.
Although there are a few differences with our European culture, we are much closer that you may think, you can clearly feel that there is still a strong connection between the Americans and us. I strongly believe that this is still the land of opportunities where everything is possible, in 6 years in the Bay Area I have seen companies coming from nothing and rapidly becoming strong and huge multinationals, it's almost unbelievable, especially for an Italian, how a great idea can become reality so fast!

What are the company core values?

Laganà: One of the reasons why we decided, back in 2013, to open Ravelli USA was because we wanted to give the best service possible and create the best experience we could for, not only our dealers, but also our final customers. I must say thanks to Barry Burkey, his wife Caroline, their son Daniel and, last but not least, our great office manager Lisa for helping us making this possible. Of course a special thank goes also to our distributors and reps that are doing such a great job!
So yes, to answer the question, the customer experience is definitely our core value. 

Which is the most appreciated product?

Laganà: So far the products that have been more popular are the classic line, I'm talking about the RV80, the RV100 Classic and the ROMA, even if we have big hopes with the brand new VITTORIA, line a stove that we just launched in the USA and that has a revolutionary technology with a self cleaning firepot.

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