Simple warmth

The fire with the feet on the ground

The Air system works thanks to forced-air devices that guarantee the heating needed for an individual room more or less wide. It only uses natural fuel, wood or pellet, eco-friendly and clean for a low environmental impact. The Air range consists of numerous models that differ not only in terms of power, but also for cladding and design, to perfectly fit the style of your home and your personal taste.

About comfort

The Air system allows the heating of one room, more or less wide. In addition to heat autonomously, it can integrate the existing heating system to reduce consumption and make you enjoy a natural flame. Air is available and can be used in three different ways:

  • forced ventilation: thanks to a fan it reaches the desired temperature in a short time, all the key functions can be managed in a simple way, from programming to the temperature selection up to the regulation of ventilation
  • natural convection and forced ventilation: choose a product with air system and convection system together, to decide when to use one or the other depending on your needs.

Air benefits

Perfect for warming up an open space or living area, the Air system gives the pleasure of a natural flame using pellet or wood. With the natural Air convection heating system you will enjoy:

  • infinite silence, thanks to the absence of forced ventilation;
  • healthier air since it does not raise dust;
  • the comfort of a uniform and natural heat.

The forced ventilation Air heating system will make your room warm and comfortable in a short time, then you will be able to enjoy an instant heat even in a large space.

How it works

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Ventilated stoves

The fire with the feet on the ground

Ventilated fireplaces

The fire with the feet on the ground

You live your home and you know it better than anyone else. You know what it needs even when it comes to heat. Heating small or large spaces, integrating heating with the domestic hydraulic system or trying a unique cooking experience. Our Convection, Air, Flow, Hydro and Cooking systems have different technical aspects, peculiarities to be evaluated together with the characteristics of your home to find out which system better suits you. Choose the system for you: