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Daniele Gualeni
Product Designer

Ravelli’s historic partnership with Daniele Gualeni, an Italian product designer and mechanical engineer, translates into a comprehensive approach perfectly capable of integrating the two different souls of this key figure. Sensitive to design and attentive to functionality at the same time, Gualeni responds to market demands by combining aesthetic features and manufacturability requirements without ever forgetting cost objectives and efficiency standards.
Palomba Serafini
Design and architecture studio

Since 2019 Ravelli has been collaborating with Ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati, a prestigious architecture and design studio that boasts numerous awards and several collaborations with companies such as Kartell, Poltrona Frau and Zanotta. The ability to combine a contemporary vision of society and human needs with an in-depth knowledge of the historical and cultural roots of design makes Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba’s studio particularly sensitive to the themes of object functionality and the need to create durable products that combine past and future.
whynot design
Industrial design studio

Ravelli has chosen to collaborate with Whynot Design, an independent industrial design studio composed of three senior designers Juste, Francesco and Alberto, with peculiar skills and over 15 years of experience in Italy and abroad. Agile and effective, Whynot’s team has a simultaneously creative and concrete approach in defining unique and strategic products with great attention to sustainability. Thanks to their cross-sector experience in multiple product fields, Whynot offers new and impactful solutions always supported by technical and implementation skills.

Research & Development

Here at Ravelli we believe that being an Italian brand means more than simply upholding tradition.

It means avant-garde design, inspired by the most contemporary trends in architecture and interior design and combined and explored in our products, with the overall goal of creating the ideal vessels for our technological innovations.

It means meticulous attention to detail, creating a coordinated overall result where every element is carefully selected. It means guaranteeing the highest manufacturing quality in every system, every product and every component, always with a primary focus on safety and with a view to creating products that feel truly made to measure. These are what it truly means to be “Made in Italy”.

Finally, it means being constantly and acutely aware of the everyday needs of each person and family, understanding how best to respond to individual needs and designing truly customised heating solutions.

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