Flexible heat

The exclusive system for ducted stoves, the RFS, provides a direct control on the diffusion of the heat in different rooms, to achieve the ideal temperature. This important result was achieved thanks to the new ducting philosophy that eliminates the loss of air quantity, keeping always the maximum performance of the fan. The new ducting system is more efficient than the traditional one because we have eliminated the loss of air. This new system has allowed us to develop the new software to control the ducting system that is to say the RFS.

The RFS system allows two different settings:
  1. Manual, for maximum flexibility
    In the menu you can set the management of the ducting system – the heat can be delivered frontal, backwards thanks to the electronic level in the menu.
  2. Automatic, for maximum comfort
    You can set the temperature of the ducting system by activating independently the thermostats in the front and back of the stove. In this way it is also possible to manage the priorities of heating in the different rooms: the first room can be heated according the set temperature at the desired time. Subsequently, the heat can be delivered in a second room again according to the desired parameters.