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RV 100 Classic

Ventilated pellet stove
  • Air
  • Thermal power: 10,750 - 34,500 kW
  • Burn time: 10.4 - 41.7 h
Coating and colour:

Technical specifications

Nominal power (BTU/hr)
10,750 - 34,500
Heat input power (BTU/hr) 8,500 - 44,000
Dimensions H x L x P (inc) 21.7 - 43.89 - 21.88
Net weight (Lbs) 330
Pellet fuel consumption per hour min/max (Lbs/h) 1.32 - 5.29
Efficiency (min/max) > 87,5%
Flue exit pipe (Ø inc) 3.15 (Rear)
Tank capacity (Lbs) 55
Burn time - min/max (h) 10.4 - 41.7
Installed power (W) 340
Energy class A+
Measures and data are indicative. The parent company reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, without notice, for either technical or commercial reasons.


  • Ash Tray

    Comfortable and easy removable drawer to collect the ashes burnt.

  • Ceramic

    Covering a stove with shapes and colours of majolica definitely increases its aesthetic value, while ensuring a better distribution of the heat.

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  • Clear

    An additional air channel, creates an air cushion between the flame and the glass -ceramic, guaranteeing its sharpness for several operating hours.

  • Firex

    The special combustion chamber made of Firex 600/700, a vermiculitebased material, resulting from the research and development conducted by Ravelli.

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  • Inox

    The stainless steel heat exchanger increases the fire resistance while avoiding the classic problems linked to wear and tear.

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  • RDS

    The innovative system of self-regulation of combustion parameters to guarantee maximum efficiency and safety of your stoves.

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  • Remote

    Practical and comfortable to make temperature and power adjustments, it also allows to program the stove.


Cast iron top – Ceramic casing – Cast iron firepot – Remote

Zero philosophy

Zero Philosophy is the philosophy of well-being that distinguishes our latest generation products, to create a world around you that naturally accompanies your habits.

For us, Zero Philosophy means making your daily life more comfortable and putting you at the center of our attention: that is Zero daily maintenance, Zero noise, Zero dispersion, Zero waste.

Zero Philosophy, infinite tranquility.

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This product meets the criteria for eco-compatible design and complies with the energy efficiency and particulate emissions requirements established by the European Ecodesign 2022 Regulation for domestic biomass appliances.

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RV 100 Classic
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